I love antennas and halos. At first sight, these random elements do not seem to have any relationship with each other. However, for me there is an obvious link. The social conflict between science and religion, of which this is an elaboration of, is a great inspiration to me. Antennas and halos occur regularly in my sculptures and make things visible that are normally invisible. Data and invisible cultural signals are having a major influence on our life. Many of my sculptures transmit, reach and escape. My work mainly takes place in the medium of sculpture and installations. It can be seen as a sculptural response to a society in transmission. I translate my carefully selected social, cultural and historical references into form and imagination. Through this process, I slowly create an oeuvre that makes cross references in time and space. I build and connect in a playful way, creating an unexpected context. My handwriting is partly defined by the fact that I construct all the elements myself. Materiality and craftsmanship are therefore of great importance to me.


Van Doornum participated in several artist-in-residencies, among them are the Rijksakademie and Wiels. He participated in different group shows in The Netherlands and abroad. Van Doornum’s solo exhibition included, PARK – Tilburg, DASH – Kortrijk and Wiels – Brussels.


His work is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund (Stipendium for Established Artists 2018-2022)