These works have been made during an artist-in-residence period at Schloss Ringenberg. They revolve around the differed architectural concepts that have been use during the building up of German city’s during the postwar period.


Marcus Lütkemeyer, curator Schloss Ringenberg:


“Jonathan van Doornum works as a sculptor by extension. Although on a first glance his artworks  might remind of fragments of well known figurations, nameable motives or could occur as even more alluring  or sometimes also ‘inscrutable’ objects  it is less about giving a shape to a visible ‘thing’ than shaping an almost abstract process of materialization into an image. This paradoxical issue, first of  all, depends on the material itself – because what he uses to be forced into form already is artificial in itself: cheap compressed wood and wood-like mixtures. Nothing is as it appears – a general  philosophical term, however in case of Jonathan van Doornum without hiding the key of a more sensual generating of knowledge that put stock in the range of opportunities of individual perception. Somehow the pieces of Jonathan van Doornum are similar to sublime objects, precisely this kind of object that is raised to the dignity of ‘thing’: An ordinary, everyday object that undergoes an act of transubstantiation. For this reason, the sublime  object features the paradox of an object that can exist only in the shade, in an intermediate, half-born state, as something latent. Or even simpler: It is like a squid that is a highly effective and sonsy creature inside the water, however