‘Killing two birds with one stone’ shows a broad spectrum of spatial work – from a series of smaller, autonomous objects to large-scale sculptures that respond to the exhibition space itself. Van Doornum’s work explores differing concepts of time – whether historical periods, the idea of ‘history’, the ways in which belief in progress is depicted or the ephemeral nature of things. Every concept of time has its own symbolism, and it is this that provides the inspiration for Van Doornum’s work. He creates spatial collages by combining stylistic devices, works like a classical sculptor on industrial materials and gives new forms to everyday objects.


All of these processes allow Van Doornum not only to present an idea of time, but also its feel. His sculptures refer to familiar forms while at the same time seeming to have lives of their own – they escape, sigh and take on new shapes. Van Doornum makes an appeal to his viewers’ empathy through his combination of materials, the spatial gesture of the sculptures themselves and their abstract visual language.