I love antennas and halos. At first glance, these random elements do not seem to be related to each other at all. However, for me there is a logic link between them. Both reveal invisible information. It is this odd relationship that represents how I approach my work.


Jonathan van Doornum is a visual artist based in The Netherlands. His work mainly takes place in the medium of sculpture and installations. It can be seen as a sculptural response to a developing society. His sculptures are complex structures that create links between existing principles and new stories. They explore the invisible word of objects sending and receiving. He translates his carefully selected social, cultural and historical references into form and imagination. As a result, he slowly creates works that make cross-references in time and space. As a kid he always had an urge to discover history, to disassemble devices and to work with tools. After many years of practicing, all of these elements are working together in his studio in a harmonious process.


Van Doornum participated in several artist-in-residence programs, among them are the Rijksakademie Amsterdam and Wiels Brussels. He participated in different group shows in The Netherlands and abroad. Van Doornum’s solo exhibitions include Kunstvereniging Diepenheim – NL, PARK – NL, DASH – BE and Wiels – BE.


His work is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund (Stipendium for Established Artists 2018-2022)