Jonathan van Doornum is a visual artist who works mainly in the media sculpture and installation. His work can be seen as a sculptural reaction on society in moving times. His carefully selected social, cultural and historical references in his work are translated in techniques and shape. Hereby he slowly creates a body of works that makes cross references in time and space. In a playful way he uses recognizable objects in an unexpected context. The media of sculpture is ideally suited for his need to reflect on the physical world and the objects that define it. His visual language is being formed by constructing all of the elements of his sculptures by himself. Therefore, materiality and craftsmanship are matters of great importance to him. Many of his works have an urge to escape. Besides escaping, this can also be seen as an act of reaching out and connecting. His work questions identity and searches for ways of communicating it. This has let to a very diverse sculptural body of works.

“My works are built up as paintings. Layer by layer, form and content are added. Cultural and historical references are interspersed with functional elements. A key aspect of my work is the capacity of combining reflection and poetic expression.”

Van Doornum participated in several artist-in-residencies, among them are the Rijksakademie and Wiels. He participated in several group shows in The Netherlands and abroad. Van Doornum’s solo exhibition included, PARK – Tilburg, DASH – Kortrijk and Wiels – Brussels.

His work is kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund (Stipendium for Established Artists 2018-2022)